Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lost Horizon

He almost dyed!.... Get it?... No?... oh.

Fantastic adventure games have suddenly become hard to come by. Usually, all you had to do to acquire one was to look upon the "PC Games" isle at a local, inconspicuous department store. Rare and precious, like rectangular-shaped gems, these little boxes hid amongst the many other "regular titles" that you'd grown to ignore. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Upon visiting the desperately out-dated "PC Games" isle, the most you'll find is a brand new copy of Norton Anti-Virus 2002 or one of those ridiculously stupid hidden object titles that I will always continue to refuse as real adventure games for as long as they exist. Considering that the base mechanic of hidden objects titles is an exploitation of a problem that plagues adventure games, I can only concur that anyone who enjoys playing them also enjoys watching paint dry. To my delight, however, Lost Horizon was not one of those horrible abominations associated with the genre of adventure gaming... or a cleverly repackaged Norton Anti-Virus 2002 CD. Lost Horizon, was actually, in many ways, the great real adventure game I had wanted for a long time.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fable III?

Hmm.... Looks interesting, but I'm still not biting. I refuse to believe that this will be awesome solely because of Peter Molyneux's involvement. However, it would be nice to have a good singleplayer game to absorb my attention for a while.

Section 8: Prejudice and an Update!

Even if you have never even heard of the first one, I would definitely not waste an opportunity to be able to test Section 8: Prejudice. Section 8 featured incredibly addicting multiplayer combat and an awesome PC community. Sign up here: Section 8: Prejudice Beta Signup! In other news, I've been incredibly lazy lately, go figure. Anyway, I should hopefully be writing a review for Lost Horizon this weekend as well as posting something Halo: Reach related... That's a maybe on the latter. If nothing else, there should be at least an update this weekend on some awesome gaming related news... I can feel it in the frigid air.